Ready to learn Harmonica

To learn mouthorgan/Harmonica you dont need to panic you are on the  right place. You just have to follow the day wise learning lessons to play mouthorgan/Harmonica. 

Day 1

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On day 1 we will learn about the parts of mouth organ/Harmonica

Harmonica consist of   2Reed-Plates,cover Plates,comb ,mouthpiece.

Reed-Plates: Reed-plate is the consist of several reeds on a single plate. The reeds are generally made of brass,  steel, aluminium and plastic.  reeds are usually fixed on the reed-plate, but they may also be welded or screwed in place. Reeds fixed on the inside of the reed-plate responsible for producing sound during blowing, while those on the outside  responsible for producing sound during suction.Most harmonicas are constructed with the reed-plates screwed or bolted to the comb or each other.


Comb:The comb is considered as main body of  Harmonica,the comb is covered with reed plates both side. it is called as comb because of the similarities between its shape and a haircomb. Earlier Harmonica combs were  made from Woods, plastic or metal . Some modern and experimental comb designs are complex in the way that they direct the air.Comb material was assumed to have an effect on the sou of the .

Cover-Plates: Cover plates cover the reed-plates and are generally made of metal, wood ,plastic. The choice of these  is personal — because they project sound, they determine the tonal quality of the harmonica. There are two types of cover plates: traditional open designs of stamped metal , which are simply there to be held, and enclosed designs  Super 64.

Day 2

On day 2 we will learn to play the backbone  of playing Harmonica .we will  learn mouth organ with the help of Sargam(sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa) Indian style.So  first we will learn  how to blow air in and how to suck in the air chambers of mouth organ .We will do this  by practicing mouth Sargam on mouth organ follow the above picture to play Harmonica the above picture  is of  chromatic scale changing mouth organ .In some made in Germany mouth organs the sound of Sargam comes by playing it in a reverse don't have to worry about it. Practice only the second Srgam of mouth organ. It is a different way of learning mouth organ but  believe  me it is the  easiest one .Now produce only
(sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa).
Do practice until you become very fluent in playing it and also able to sense each sound individually. practice it for atleast 2 days.


Day 5

Day  3 and Day 4  were for practising  Sargam. Now i hope u have done the practise .To day on 5th Day we will move further we will now  practice
(sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa)
and then in reverse order
(sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa)
this will help you in setting your mouth on the Harmonica then we will practice
(sasa , rere , gaga , mama , papa, dhadha , nini , sasa)
then in reverse order  
(sasa , nini , dhadha , papa , mama , gaga , rere ,  sasa).
Practise this for atleast one day.This is little boring but this is the base to learn Harmonica you have to make it perfect.

Day 7

Today play 
(sare ,  rega , gama , mapa , padha , dhani , nisa ) also in reverse (sani  , nidha , dhapa , pama , maga , gare , resa )

after that play

(sarega , regama , gamapa ,mapadha , padhani ,dahnisa) also in reverse  (sanidha , nidhapa , dhapama , pamaga , magare , raresa ) 

play/practise   this for at least  50 times.After practising  you will definitely become fluent  in playing mouth organ and also able to play songs.

Day 10

Day 8 and 9 were for practise. now today we will learn to play national anthem just follow the nodes which are written below 

Jana gana mana adhinaayaka, jaya he
s r  g g  g g  gg  g  g g   r g  m

Bharata bhaagya vidhata
g  g g  r   r   r nr s

Punjaba Sindhu Gujarata Maraatha
s  p p  p  p   p p p p  p mmdp

Dravida Utkala Banga
m  m m  g g g  r mg

Vindhya Himachala
g  g    g g g  r

Yamuna Ganga
p p p  m  m

Uchchala jaladhi taranga
gg    g  r r r   r nr s 

Tava shubha naame jaage
s r  g  g   g  g  rg m

Tava shubha aashisha maage
r g  m  m   m m  g   rm g

Gaahe tava jaya gaatha
g  g  r r  r r  nr s 

Jana gana mangala daayaka jaya he
p p  p p  p  p mm p  p p  mmd  p

bhaarata bhaagya vidhata
m   m m  g   g   g rm g

Jaya he! Jaya he! Jaya he!
S n  S   n d  n   d p  s

Jaya jaya jaya jaya He
s s  r r  g g  r g  m